5 Timeless Nursery Design Ideas

Trends come and go, especially when it comes to home decor. Designing a timeless nursery ensures your baby’s room will never go out of style, and can withstand different ages and even different children. We have four kids, so we know all about passing down clothes, furniture and accessories!

If you’re looking for inspiration for a timeless nursery design, take a look at these beautiful rooms.

Classic Wallpaper

Wallpaper popularity may come and go, but its a textile that has been around for centuries. Using a classic design like this one will help the room feel timeless and unique.

a Neutral Color Pallet

Opting for soft, neutral colors such as whites, creams, grays and pastels creates a soothing environment and never goes out of style. Classic furniture stands the test of time and can transition as your child grows.

Personal Touches

Add personal touches such as family photos, special keepsakes, artwork and handmade items to make the nursery feel personalized and unique. Stick with items you can easily swap out as needed.

Attractive Functionality

Choose practical and functional furniture and storage solutions that will help keep the nursery organized and clutter free. Choose a crib that turns into a toddler bed (we have this one and have used it for our last two kids.) Find a changing table that can also work as a dresser, and a rocking chair you can use in other rooms if needed.

Simple Elegance

Keep it simple. Avoid clutter and excessive decorations that can quickly become outdated. Stick to a clean and minimalistic design that will remain timeless.

Timeless nursery design isn’t difficult if you stick with these suggestions. Choose decor items and accessories you can easily swap out as your child grows, stick with a neutral pallet, and keep the nursery clutter-free.

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