18 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

By Christa Grover

We have a tiny bathroom attached to our master bedroom, and we’re getting ready to give the small space a big makeover. We’ve collected 18 of the best small bathroom design ideas to help inspire us, and you!

Designing A Small Bathroom Ideas

1. Cozy Navy Bathroom

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors in a small bathroom! This is our small powder room in our previous home. We went with a lovely navy blue- Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, and it gave the entire space a cozy, classy look. I never once regretted going dark- especially paired with the white sink and toilet.

2. Light and Dark Combo

Light paint colors are a great way to make any space feel more spacious and airy. The painted ceiling draws the eye up and gives the illusion of tall ceilings. White, pastels, or soft neutrals in a wide variety of colors can give clean lines and a modern look. Pairing that with a dark painted vanity and painted ceiling- beautiful!

3. Large Mirror

This small bathroom has a mirror that extends past the vanity. A great way to give a small room the illusion of more space is to add a large mirror. Placed strategically, a mirror can make a room look larger by visually doubling the space and adding brightness. The reflection of natural or artificial light can also make the room feel more open and airy.

4. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity can create the illusion of more space by exposing more of the floor. This small bathroom fits in all the essentials while still allowing for plenty of floor space. And, the tile and cedar plank wall are a beautiful combination with the lovely blue of the vanity.

5. Nautical Theme

This nautical themed small bathroom uses vertical and horizontal bead board to create a visually appealing look in a soft pallet. Shelves for storing towels take advantage of vertical space.

6. Bohemian Textures

This gorgeous bathroom uses a mix of textures and materials for a behemian inspired design. You don’t have to use a traditional vanity in your small space- get creative!

7. Glass Doors

Glass shower doors can make the bathroom feel more open and spacious compared to a shower curtain. A frameless glass shower door, like this one, works well for giving the room a modern, open look.

8. Tall Shower Curtain

For our bathroom remodel, we plan to remove our old glass shower doors, and add a shower curtain hung high up in the ceiling, giving the space a taller look. This minimalistic bathroom has two features we love- the shower curtain is hung almost all the way to the ceiling, and the large mirror has been framed with white- we love the clean lines!

9. Wallpapered Beauty

What’s not to love about this color scheme? The board and batten, the floral wallpaper, and the dark paint- this one is so gorgeous we may never want to leave. This is a similar wallpaper and would look gorgeous in a small bathroom.

10. Green Garden

Plants bring life and color to a small bathroom, making it more inviting. This bathroom uses lots of greenery without feeling cramped. And bonus, many plants love the humid environment in a bathroom!

11. Black and White Patterns

Try different designed tile. The tile patterns on the shower wall and floor give this bathroom so much style. The walnut vanity adds a mid century transitional style

12. Modern Farmhouse

Go the modern farmhouse bathroom route with clean lines, black accessories, and a white quartz counter. Add in the perfect simple accessories and you’re good to go!

13. Vertical Storage

A common issue with small bathrooms is that they lack storage space. Utilize vertical space: install open shelving or cabinets above the toilet or sink to maximize storage space without taking up valuable floor space. 

Add a long shelf along one wall like in the bathroom above, and some fun pops of color for a modern vibe.

14. Clean Lines

The floor in this bathroom gives it a pop of interest while keeping clean lines elsewhere. Opt for a round bathroom mirror: a round mirror can soften the edges of a small bathroom and make the space feel more open.

15. Convenient Storage

A small bench can add storage in a bathroom. This cute bench sits next to the shower, giving a space for towels and accessories. If you an’t fit a bench, try wall storage!

16. Unique Set-Up

This creative set-up is very inventive! We have narrow area in our sauna cabin and I’ve wondered how to fit a toilet AND a sink without it looking weird- I love how this looks!

The black and white subway tiles give it a really cool vibe and the sink doesn’t look awkward along the wall since it sits on a countertop. Add tiles like subway tile to brighten up a space, you can even install them all the way up the entire wall like the black ones in this small bathroom.

Want to add subway tile to your bathroom, but don’t want a big expense or huge project? Check out our DIY Peel and Stick Backsplash post.

17. pretty light fixture

No list of small bathroom design ideas would be complete without lighting ideas. Changing out a boring or outdated light fixture goes a long way to creating an aesthetic small bathroom. This pretty over-the-mirror light goes perfectly with the other accessories and the vanity hardware.

18. Painted Vanity


Looking for more small bathroom ideas? Learn how we painted our bathroom vanity.

These small bathroom ideas can go a long way to creating a room you love, whether it has a cozy feel with dark colors, or a light and airy feel with bright colors.  

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