Fun & Cozy Kids Bedroom Ideas

Looking to give your kids bedroom a refresh? Take a look at these 11 cozy bedroom ideas for kids to gain some ideas. Every one of them has me feeling inspired!

Involve your child in the design process.

Designing a Cozy Bedroom For Kids

Designing a cozy kids bedroom is all about creating a space that is fun, functional, and reflects your child’s personality. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing perfectly designed but sterile bedrooms that reflect none of the child’s personality!

Start by choose a theme or color scheme that your child loves, and then incorporate plenty of storage solutions and fun elements.

Consider adding fun and unique elements, like a chalkboard wall, a teepee or canopy, or a hanging swing chair. Include plenty of comfortable bedding and pillows for a cozy and inviting place.

We added a hanging swing chair in our kids’ bedroom and they use it all the time.

And (most importantly!), involve your child in the design process and let them have a say in how their room is decorated! This will make them feel more invested and ensure they love spending time in the room- and, perhaps help them feel more motivated to keep their space clean. One can hope!

All these cozy bedroom ideas for kids are well designed AND have personality.

Fun and Cozy Kids Bedroom Ideas

Modern Tween Room

Photo Credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

This modern tween room is colorful and fun while still maintaining a a sense of maturity for an older tween kid. It’s a mixture of playfulness and sophistication- the painted stripes are a great addition!

Outdoor Adventure

Picture Credit: Heathered Nest

This kids bedroom is such a sweet space for the adventure-loving boy! I can see both our sons loving this. The paint technique used on the walls is such a cool touch, and unique.

Magical Makeover

Picture Credit: Bloom In The Black

This one is just dreamy. The dark navy walls remind me of our basement makeover, where the whites pop and the room is cozy in any lighting. It really is magical!

Vibrant & Fun Room

Picture Credit: Worthing Court

There are so many unique and fun details to this room, from the thrifted mirror frame turned bulletin board, to the bright and cheerful chandelier.

Calm Retreat

Picture Credit: Bigger Than The Three Of Us

What a restful retreat for a kids room. The beautiful wall color changes with the light, and the ombre accent wall is a surprisingly easy DIY project.

Game Room Design

Picture Credit: Practical Whimsy Designs

This is such a fun bedroom designed for a gamer enthusiast. There’s a lot of creative storage solutions and built-ins!

Kids’ Room Loft

Picture Credit: Bigger Than The Three Of Us

This is such a fun and inspiring idea. What could be more fun than building a reading nook or bed loft in your kids’ room? Adding this one to my list of future DIY projects!

Magical Boho Bedroom

Picture Credit: The DIY Mommy

This gorgeous room gets a dramatic headboard makeover and uses upcycled elements to make it budget-friendly. There are so many details that make this kids room makeover really pop.

Sweet Refresh

Picture Credit: Nesting With Grace

There are so many elements to this girls bedroom makeover that make it a sweet and stylish space. The peel and stick wallpaper adds a lot of character to the room.

Adventure Theme Room

Picture Credit: Post Box Designs

I really like the clean lines of this bedroom makeover, and the vintage and industrial mix of decor. The lack of clutter makes this room feel very restful and, well, clean!

Basement Bedroom Makeover

House On Austin

No list is complete without adding our own cozy bedroom makeover in the lower level of our home. We turned a really blah space into a divided bedroom for our kids, and I love the navy blue color and curtain dividers.

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