Budget Split-Level Home Exterior Makeover

Split-Level Home Exterior Makeover- with Befores and Afters

Are you looking for ways to update the exterior of your split-level without spending a lot of money? There are so many ways to update an outdated exterior without breaking the bank!

An Older Home Style

Many split-levels need exterior updates today, given how much exterior design has changed since this home design was popular. They had their heyday in the 1970s and 80s, which means many split-levels are over 50 years old!

Split-level house with white siding

You don’t see this home style being built these days, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look modern. And I’m not talking about huge home renovations like building another story or changing the roof line. Simple changes, that most homeowners can acheive.

Benefits of a Split-Level Home Exterior Makeover

What are the benefits to a split level home exterior makeover?

Modern Split-Level Updates from board & batten

Curb Appeal Increases Home Value

When you give your home exterior a fresh look, you’ll increase your home value automatically. The front of the house is the first impression to your visitors, and an exterior makeover is one of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. Potential buyers (if you think you’ll sell down the road) will be more drawn to a modernized exterior.

And? You’ll enjoy looking at your house more.

Energy Efficiency With Modern Materials

Updated materials helps with your house’s overal energy efficiency, such as new windows and new siding. We had original windows from the 1970s, and when we replaced them, the change in how efficiently our house stayed cool or warm was immediate!

How to modernize your split-level home exterior

New Paint

Nothing makes such a big impact with so little (relative) cost as a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color platte that complements the style of your home and blends well with the surrounding environment.

Upgraded Siding

If your split-level has outdated or worn-out siding, consider upgrading to a move modern and durable option. Make sure the new siding material matches your preferred aesthetic, and holds up well to weather elements.

Vertical siding is a popular option that immediately modernizes outdated exteriors.

New Windows

While new windows can be a big expense, they have a huge impact on your exterior. If replacing the windows on the entire home isn’t an option, consider changing out just the windows on the front of othe house. They’re the ones that are seen the most often! You’ll also get the benefit of better weather sealing and energy efficiency.

Update the garage door

Garage doors are really prominent, especially on certain types of split level homes. Consider upgrading to a modern and stylish garage door. If a new door isn’t in the budget, give the door a fresh coat of paint. And, here’s my biggest tip for garage doors- add these inexpensive magnets from Amazon, for a carriage look! You can see how we added them during our detached garage makeover.

Change out the old front door

Update your front door style by changing out the old for new. Choose a design that complements the overall style of your home and adds visual appeal.

Upgrade the exterior lighting

Proper exterior lighting not only makes for better safety and security but also adds a nice touch of elegance to your split-level home’s exterior. Install updated fixtures that match the style of your home, such as wall sconces, pathway lights, and accent lighting for architectural features.

Exterior Lighting

Our Split-Level Exterior: Before and After

Our 1970’s home exterior was seriously outdated, and it needed a fresh look.

We’ve made several to our split level home exterior, and have plans for more. We don’t consider it done, but, its better! 

Before of our Split-Level Exterior:

The exterior of our 1972 house is unique. Its a tri-level, not uncommon during that era but no longer in vogue for the past several decades. It’s partly tan brick, with some siding sprinkled into the mix. It has arches in the front, and a small porch.

I scoured Pinterest and nearby neighborhoods for inspiration on how to help our house’s curb appeal, but I have yet to find anything similar to our house exterior.

Find more split-level home makeover inspiration with our split-level remodel series!

Our house is a major fixer upper, and when we bought the house we knew we would have to get a new roof and new windows. After our roof started collapsing into our sunroom after a big storm, we replaced it! We chose a roof color that would match well with brick and give it a fresher look (less brown!)

The roof before, which was brown and really made the house look even more drab:

The roof after, and the start of the concrete sidewalk:

Here we added a concrete path in the front and back, and a concrete patio (as part of our backyard makeover!)

We removed the old, broken shutters, and gave the entire exterior of the house a good pressure washing!

In the spring, we replaced the windows with non-grid windows. We wanted a simpler, cleaner look.

And finally, we replace some of the siding and painted the house.

We chose not to replace the siding in the front, as it was in fairly good shape. Maybe we will some day, but for now we wanted to save the money and time.

We did, however, replace the rotten siding on the driveway side of the house with verticle siding.

Verticle siding on our driveway side of the house exterior.

And then, we painted. We considered painting the brick and siding white, as is so popular right now, but we were working with a tight budget and didn’t want to spend the money on paint for the entire house. However- that could be a project we complete soon- stay tuned!

Instead, we settled on a color that would blend in well with the brick and feel neutral and also more of a contemporary color. We went with Sherwin Williams Keystone Grey, and really like it.

We felt it made the upper level look less like it was floating above the lower level.

After of our split level exterior makeover:

Our Split-Level Exterior- Future Plans

Eventually, we may add different shutters and/or window boxes. We’ll add to the landscaping in the spring. We haven’t decided yet what we want to do, but we do know it won’t be anything extreme.

Update: Here’s an updated photo of our split-level exterior with our new window boxes and additional landscaping:

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